About Aqvavitae

Most of my favourite things in life, I once hated.

Curry, wine, walking, olives, beer, golf*, seafood. Certainly, I once hated whisky.

It’s a common tale. I hated the smell, the associations, the spirit burn and even the ‘whisky drinkers’ as I perceived them. And yes, in my younger days I had my painful introduction to the power of whisky when I failed to give it the respect it deserved.

Yet, one day, everything changed. Step by step, my senses have been challenged, overwhelmed, recalibrated and seduced by whisky experiences.  I often find it difficult to express and convey the affect this amazing creation can have.  I am astounded at what can be discovered in a small measure of the world’s finest drink. Clearly, it’s simply too good to keep to myself. I’m filled with the desire to share.

It’s this passion that saw the creation of these pages.  To share the thoughts, ideas and concepts that surround the magic. To spread the enthusiasm and excitement, to evangelise, to enlighten.  I feel compelled.

I’m really quite wary of this whole ‘digital-world’ thing, but at least now I’ve learned to have patience with things I hate.  Chances are I’m gonna end up loving it.


*actually I still have a little hate for golf




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