Aqvavitae Glencairns

There isn’t an online store, not yet. But I know people have been here looking for it. I thought about it, but I’ve only ever released one run of t-shirts, coins and now these. Does that warrant a store?

Anyway, the coins have been super popular and I’ve updated the end of the “Coin Culture” article so you can know how to get your hands on them (at the point of writing I have less than 50 remaining). The next most common things I’m asked for are t-shirts and Glencairns glasses. I have designs underway for t-shirts, and I will tackle that again, but one thing at a time. I’ve eventually taken the leap with Glencairns. It’s an expensive thing to do, but it’s been fun and there’s something really “real” and tangible having the name of the channel on glass. My own personal Glencairns!

In the spirit of “It’s not whisky until it’s shared” they come as a twin set, costing £20. This is a standard pack from Glencairn, but each set contains one of each design; the Aqvavitae banner style logo as well as the roundel, similar to the coins. My wife pointed out that the roundel is, if you look closely, about 2 or 3 degrees clockwise. I pointed out that after a dram or two it straightens right up. They come in a neat cardboard sleeve, but if you’re keeping them or gifting them, there is also the lined presentation/gift case for an additional £7.50.

Shipping on these is brutal. It’s glass, so they need lots of cushioning and a box big enough to allow such cushioning. Still, it should mean they get arrive intact. Shipping is £5 UK, £7.50 EU & EEA and £10 USA and international.

Please make payment to and email me any requests or special instruction, such as (very important!) your shipping address if it’s not set up in your PayPal profile. Happy to receive any other questions too!

A huge thank you to my amazing patrons who gave the courage and support through pre-orders to go ahead and invest in these, you’re all amazing. I’m really glad I did and hope you are all pleased with them too!



  1. Drew

    I am curious if you have any coins available for sale? I am considering two glasses and two coins if you have them in stock.

    Best Regards
    Drew in Tucson Az

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