Preconceptions in Tasting Whisky

Using a blind guessing game mechanic to examine preconceptions and subjectivity in tasting whisky, I hereby reveal how utterly rubbish I am at defining my favourite drink.   I often speak of how whisky is a multi-sensory experience. I enthuse about how it’s designed to stimulate our senses and make us feel pleasure at the … [Read more…]

The Whisky Buyer’s ABCD

The Four Cornerstones of Presentation Back when I was just beginning my whisky journey, I would have loved a simple guide to help decipher the descriptors of a whisky label. When browsing for a new bottle, it’s good to be able to look past the distillery or brand, the type of cask or the style. Certainly, it’s good to … [Read more…]

Best Value Single Malt Whisky 2017

Top Performers for Maximum Return on Minimum Investment. Occasionally, as you’re enjoying a particular dram, there can be a stab of anxiety. This is perhaps due to the fact that your favourite bottles will always disappear magically fast, the special ones in particular. Perhaps to the point you’re convinced the whisky pixies come help themselves … [Read more…]