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  1. Russell

    Great article, Roy. The analogy with eating – or waiting to eat – chocolate was a beauty. My Scottish father did that with my family: made a family block of Cadbury’s fruit and nut span out the entire evening by doling out one piece at a time to me and my brother every 20 minutes or so. Because “you’ve got to learn not to gormandize!” Never forgotten that word. My dad was a Glaswegian. Rest his soul.
    So your OBS problem rings a bell with me, too. Yes, it’s the sheer wonder of choice, having so many options open for a dram or two of an evening that makes the business of exploration just so much fun. Like those kids of yore stuffing their faces with Easter eggs three months after the event!
    And yes, the approaching “death” of a bottle evokes a tad of anxiety indeed. Will the next one – if it’s to be replaced – be half as good, or was it just an exceptional batch?
    Sounds like your Wednesday night scotch nights are a ball. Keep on enjoying them for all they’re worth – it seems to me you’ve got the right attitude.
    I’ll be watching for your next video when you throw away the empties (like consigning the bodies of dead sailors to the deep as they slide off the plank into the briny wash). Ach, the tragedy of it all.

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