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  1. Good clear article but you fail to mention a few important things.
    1. Vintage whiskies who many people mistake for NAS. In fact the SWA recognise Vintage statements as legitimate age statements as long as it conforms to their legal format of Distilling year and bottling year enclosed in a single box. Examples of this are Balblair vintages and Benromach Organic Vintages.

    2. Finishes. Sherry, Wine etc…The customer should know that they have given the whisky a flavour coating often to hide the fact that the whisky has been sitting in non-active tired casks…

    3. Regarding colouring.
    SWA regulations allow only E150A caramel colouring in whisky.
    E150B/C are used in caramel toffees and grilled meat flavourings such as Liquid Smoke.
    E150D is used in Cola drinks,
    The manufacters say that the colour is added for customer assurance to keep a consistant colour for every bottling, as the natural colour will vary for each bottling.
    However this also enables them to hide the fact that they may have used poor tired casks.

    There is an infamous Youtube video of a whisky ambassador (deceptive name for whisky salesman) visting Cardhu where they spend time holding the whisky up to the light to admire the wonderful deep rich colour of……the E150a colouring!!!!

    4. Beware marketing fluff printed on the label like “the delicious flavour from the peated water….”

    5. significance of medals and awards printed on labels.

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