1. Joe

    I’m a relatively new whisky enthusiast. I started off with a dram of Aberlour 16, but didn’t think much of the stuff at first. It wasn’t until I drank the swill that is Dewar’s that I gained much appreciation for good scotch whisky. I have come to enjoy my Aberlour over the years and I continue to follow the wisdom of these articles and videos to help me along as I choose my next dram.

  2. RMH

    We visited the Glengoyne distillery about 2004/2005. Had a grand experience. Wish we would have taken samples of the single barrel bottling by their workers. My wife and son thoroughly enjoyed the 21 year old.

  3. V

    I choose to blame you Roy. You are the reason I now find myself scouring the scotch section in every liquor store I drive by just on the off chance they have a rare gem hiding on their shelves. I had tried scotch maybe 2 or 3 times when I randomly caught your video on “Top 5 go back to available whiskeys” and was drawn to your enthusiasm. And then you did it. You introduced me to Lagavulin 16. You spoke so highly of it, that I thought what the heck – this guy seems to really be into it – maybe I should give it a try. I bought a bottle the next day and the rest is history. I absolutely fell in love. I since have taken my obsession to the 4 corners of Scotland and beyond, tasting my way from distillery to distillery. And what a wonderful trip it has been and will be as I look forward to every turn in the road ahead.
    So I could blame Lagavulin I suppose, as it was that first bottle that led me down this rabbit hole. But no, I think the blame lies squarely at your feet Roy. God bless you for the introduction you dirty SOB.

  4. sean kincaid

    my own whisky journey started about a year ago when i took my “bucket list dream trip of a lifetime” with my wife to scotland and ireland. I knew i needed to visit one distillery while there. So seeing as how my last name originated in the land near where Glengoyne stands today, i picked theirs as the one to visit. solely based on its proximity to my family names humble beginnings. Well something else had its blossoming that day in that area of Alba. My love for whisk(e)y. and i havent looked back since.

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