1. Russell

    That’s a list to warm the cockles of any whisky drinker’s heart and make his or her pulse skip a beat with joy! Great recommendations – and so well presented. Your respect for the Glengoynes, Glenfarclases, Springbanks, Balblairs and Old Pulteneys of this world is just so refreshing. What a pity OP have discontinued the 17 and the 21! My open bottles of same here in the cabinet will be treasured down to the last drop.
    Haven’t yet tried the AnCnoc 22 (also discontinued, I think) but will try to lay my hands on the new 24 in 2018 if the price isn’t too prohibitive.
    Would have liked to see the Bunnahabhain 12 in the list, too, but then again you have its older brother a small cameo, so all forgiven.
    Keep up the great writing.

  2. Captain sceptic

    4 x Glengoyne, 4 x Balblair.

    That’s a remarkable concentartion of hero bottles given that there are around 120 distilleries in Scotland, not to mention Whisk(e)y from Ireland, Japan etc.

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