It’s Glengoyne’s Fault

Most whisky fans encounter little steps of enlightenment on their whisky journey. The experience of tasting a new whisky or the discovery of a new fact or sage advice on whisky purchases. Some of these are so memorable, that I like to refer to them as whisky epiphanies. That might seem a bit far-fetched, but … [Read more…]

How to Pronounce Scotch Whisky Terms

The Hazards of Pronouncing Brands and Terms in Scotch Whisky There’s a street in the East of Glasgow called Ledaig Street. Once the site of typical Glasgow tenement-style buildings, it now provides more modern community housing as part of the area’s regeneration efforts. Deriving from Scots Gaelic, it’s an idyllic name for such a street … [Read more…]

The Whisky Buyer’s ABCD

The Four Cornerstones of Presentation Back when I was just beginning my whisky journey, I would have loved a simple guide to help decipher the descriptors of a whisky label. When browsing for a new bottle, it’s good to be able to look past the distillery or brand, the type of cask or the style. Certainly, it’s good to … [Read more…]

Whisky – The Water of Afterlife

The Reincarnation of Whisky. To my simple mind, whisky proves the concept of reincarnation – yet not at the hand of any deity. The process of how whisky comes to be is a perfect, almost supernatural, coming together of nature and human ingenuity; creating a product not entirely of this world. At the hands of … [Read more…]

Whisky – Open Bottle Syndrome

I don’t have the whisky discipline. On a recent count, I had 116 bottles of whisky. That may sound like a wonderful and envious whisky collection but, I assure you, it’s not all it seems. For those not fully seduced by the power and magic of malt whisky, this amount of bottles will seem obscene. … [Read more…]

Tomatin and Cù Bòcan – The Devil Dug

Two hundred pounds is a lot for a bottle of anything. I can think of lots of precious liquids – perfume, champagne, fine wine – of which none would receive two-hundred of my pounds for a single bottle. Of course, with whisky it’s a little different. As an example, I consider my recent Glengoyne 25 year-old purchase … [Read more…]

About Aqvavitae

Most of my favourite things in life, I once hated. Curry, wine, walking, olives, beer, golf*, seafood. Certainly, I once hated whisky. It’s a common tale. I hated the smell, the associations, the spirit burn and even the ‘whisky drinkers’ as I perceived them. And yes, in my younger days I had my painful introduction … [Read more…]